Saturday, January 01, 2005

Nine- Naruto

Being hungry made Ino feel pretty; sometimes it was the only thing that made her feel pretty, especially when Sasuke was ignoring her.

Being hungry made Chouji feel stupid and slow and ugly, particularly when he was next to Ino or anywhere near Asuma-sensei.

Being hungry made Shikamaru get a snack while they were taking a break during training; he came back with a bag of potato chips and an apple. Ino and Chouji were leaning against opposite sides of a tree, ignoring each other and their growling stomachs. He saw the longing and shameful looks in his teammates' faces and muttered something under his breath that may or may not have been, "...pains in the ass." Did he have to do everything for them?

"Here. You need to eat more healthy stuff." He gave the apple to Chouji. "And you need to eat more." He gave the chips to Ino, and sat between them, leaning against the tree. He could see the clouds between the branches.

Ino stared at the bag of chips as though it had grown arms and legs and begun dancing. "But Sasuke-kun likes skinny girls." She sounded a little lost.

"Eat." It wasn't a request, it was a command. "Uchiha isn't here. And I don't like skinny girls- or boys." He tilted his head back to watch the clouds.

Ino flushed a little and opened the bag. She offered some to Chouji first, who gave her half of the apple in return. Shikamaru chewed on a piece of gum he'd found in the bottom of his pocket and felt the warmth from his teammates as they moved a little closer.

The view was pretty nice from here.

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This is really cute! :) I love it!